The majority of the gay community tend to live “normal” (same as straight) life styles and tend to avoid queer extremes. Many want to be considered normal because they want to be treated the same as straight people and assimilated into the mainstream culture. Some see assimilation as harmful because it hides inequalities of groups that are considered abnormal. Gay couples see themselves as normal and want to be seen as normal by the culture at large, demanding the right to marry. People opposing this idea see gay marriage as an attack on traditional marriage, which reinforces the idea that gay marriage is abnormal. If marriage is seen as abnormal or redefined, society will question the legitimacy of marriage and heteronormativity. People that only support traditional marriage, gender roles and sexuality see the acceptance of homosexual as a slippery slope to other untraditional sexualities.


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  1. That’s why I prefer the term “same-sex” rather than “gay” marriage – it seems petty and pedantic but it goes some way to offloading some of the more unhelpful cultural baggage that people bring to the discussion.

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