lesbian existence

Unless you are watching logo, lesbians are shown from the heterosexual male perspective as something to be used to turn on men.

This creates a false perception that women perform lesbianism for approval of men or as male entertainment and it silences the voices of legitimate lesbian existence. Katy Perry’s single, “I kissed a girl” was a hit because it fits into the male dominated culture. The idea of straight girls kissing is sexy, especially if men can watch or participate, but lesbian relationships are abnormal. In the 90s, Jill Sobule‘s song, “I kissed a girl” was also about experimenting with your sexuality. Sobule’s song was from the female perspective and explores female relationships in a less hyper sexualized way and more honest way. It is more emotional than sexual.

The music videos send out different messages as well. The Katy Perry’s video is all about sex appeal. Jill Sobule ‘s video is a satire of ideal heterosexual relationships, masculinity, femininity and asks the question, where does lesbian existence fit within this model of relationships and roles?


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