what do women want really want a man to be? Hairless.

That’s right, men. Forget about being charming, empathetic and respectful. Just shave your back, chest and six pack with Gillette and you can have any women you want. Thanks for solving the “age old question of what women want?”

Give me a break.

All commercials use the idea that their product can make our lives better and get people to like us. Not every one falls for this, but a lot do. The Gillette commercial tells me that they can get a women by shaving with their razor. This supports heteronormativity by suggesting that men want to get a women and women are passive and want to be had. All the women are models and the tag line “the best a man can get” suggests that the viewer can get these beautiful women by simple using their razor.

The commercial also suggests a shift in ideal masculinity. In the 1970’s, body hair was a desirable masculine trait. 70’s sexy symbol, Burt Reynolds, posed nude and unshaved on the cover of cosmopolitan magazine. In modern porn, women are hairless because it is typically considered a feminine trait. In the mid 90’s, men became more groomed and performing more feminine traits. Many men have performed this feminine trait that it is coined as metrosexual and becoming part of masculinity. Males performing this feminine trait is justified within popular culture because they are doing it in order to get women’s approval and sexual attention. For both men and women, body hair used to be a symbol of maturity and adulthood, but has become just another insecurity.


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