IVs to VU

Waste my days lying in bed

With Lou Reed and you.


I’m sick of seeing

Needles by the bed

Blood on the sheets

Vomit on the floor.

Arizona Ice Teas

And nothing to eat

But plenty cobras to drink


Want to make love

But all I can do is sleep.


Wake up sweating

And shaking.

Run to the bathroom

But it’s occupied.

Bolt to the closet

Pull down my pants

And shit in a plasticbag.


Go back to bed

And claw feverishly at itchy skin.


A new score has arrived

Just in time.

Make my payment

On my knees.

Telling myself

And my lover

This is the last time.


Grab dirty rigs

Cookers, water, and cotton.


Pull the tie tighter.

Veins are still all dead.

Muscle it instead.

Sharp burning pain

White bubble under skin.

Gonna take longer for

The pleasure to begin.


Fight junkie over a sandwich

He eats it but throws up.


Miss hit is taking

Way too long.

Snort three bags.

A nasty drip down taste.

Chug down a beer

Or two or six

To wash it all away.


Take a nap for

The next two days.


Wake up wondering

“Where is this place?”

Smoke a cig in the mirror

Can’t recognize my own face.

I promise I will get out.

Just one more hit.

One more and I can leave.


shoots for the last time.

Yeah only a few more.


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