Girl drowns baby in bathtub

Tonina’s grandmother was charged with drowning a 4 year old  in  the bath tube, but  her defense is building the case that  Tonina did it.  In the  article,  the defense claims that, “Her motive was, “Maybe she was having some psychotic episode, having irrational jealousy over the kid, or maybe he did something she didn’t like … maybe she was sleepwalking,”.   Tonina  is taking medication for mental health issues and  missed her  testimony to help  clear  her name. All  this makes her  seem pretty guilty.  The  mental  health medication  suggests that  psychological  theory  can  be applied.  If found guilty, Tonina  would  be  placed into  the  medical  model. She would have to  be  treated for  her mental health issues. The defense claims that she could  have been  jealous of  the baby, which  be classical  theory. If  the baby isn’t around she would get  more attention. Tonina would  punished with jail time, within the economic model.


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