Rabbi busted after setting up Queens date for sex.



The crime that  the  Rabbi  is a accused of  committing is attempted rape of a 14 year old girl. He  could be  sent  to prison for 4 years, which  is  part of the economic model.  The  economic model explains that  he needs to be  punished for  the crime because pedophiles and  rapists need to  be retributive and  his  case needs to be  a deterrent for  others.  The classical  theory  explains that he committed the crime  in  a rational  state of mind.  He has free will  and  acted within  self-interest.

But, the  biological theorist  would want  to know if  he  suffers from a mental  illness or  other biological  factors that  might of cause the behavior. Others believe that  pedophilia is cause by  sexual  abuse or other trauma experience  by  the criminal, which  is the  psychological theory. Both the biological and psychological would fit into the  medical  model. This  model  wouldn’t  punish the  criminal. It would identify  the cause of the problem, implement  prevention of future acts and give treatment to the individual.

Personally, send  him to prison.


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