Shouting fire comment 1: Churchill

The University of Colorado shouldn’t of investigated Churchill based on his unpopular remarks on the terrorist attacks on The World Trade Center. He has the right of freedom of speech and should not be prosecuted for exercising that right. The impression of Churchill I received from the video made me dislike him as a person. I also disagree with his comments on September 11th. But, that is irrelevant. Every American has the right to free speech. Churchill had a different point of view than the mainstream culture, which shocks and upsets people. Americans saw Churchill as being unpatriotic dissenter. Forgetting that America gained its independence from Great Britain because of acts of dissent and freedom of speech.  It shouldn’t matter if the voice is from the mainstream culture or a dissenter; it is a violation of the first amendment to silence it. Whether or not someone agrees with the statements expressed, there are still things to be learned from them. I do believe that Churchill was rightfully fired from the University of Colorado. He was not fired for his opinions on the terrorist attacks. Churchill was fired for misrepresentation of information and plagiarism. I believe that teachers, politicians and journalist should have to prove that their information is correct. When information is found to be false it should be retracted, along with an apology. Individuals, especially authority figures, should state whether or not their statements are facts or opinions.  Individuals should learn to distinguish between the two. Freedom of speech creates diversity, but also leads to misinformation. Individuals need to learn to not take information at face value. Whenever, an individual is given information they should check to see if they can find that information themselves from multiple sources. Freedom of speech has been used to encourage tolerance, respect, understanding, anger, fear and hatred. This weekend is the anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Recently, there has been conflict about building a mosque in lower Manhattan. On the anniversary, The World Trade Center Memorial site will be filled with people exercising their right of free speech. All the people demonstrating there will have different opinions. Some will express themselves peacefully and others will cause conflict. When polar opposites come in contact with each other there tends to be conflict caused be misunderstanding.


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