Shouting Fire comment 3: Debbie Almonstaser

I believe the newspaper should not be partisan. There will always be a bias in an article, but the bias shouldn’t be present in such a degree that it is partisan. Journalists should not release information out of context to create the narrative they want to put out. I believe The Post was partisan when they portrayed Debbie Almonstaser as a Muslin extremist. They didn’t report the truth because they edited their interview with Debbie to influence the public’s opinion of her as a terrorist. They should have printed her full responses within the original context. The newspaper should report the fact and let readers come to their own conclusions, instead of trying to influence their conclusion. People can say negative things about the United States and 9/11, but it will have negative consequences.  9/11 is a very sensitive issue and Americans are very ethnocentric, which makes talking about certain issues surrounding 9/11 very difficult. People care more about how they feel about something than thinking about something critically. I don’t think people should be fired for having a negative image because it may be fabricated. But, if accusations turn out to be true then they should be fired. I believe that Debbie was an educator who didn’t have a political or religious agenda for the duel language school. I don’t believe that Debbie was trying to encourage terrorism. I believe that she was interested in helping children. The fact that she resigned so the school could be opened showed her commitment to the school and her country. I believe The Post portrayed Debbie in a negative way because it sells more papers. People like controversies because they are interesting and entertaining.


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