us court systems

The US Federal Court system is made up of the US District Courts, US Courts of Appeal and Supreme Court of the US. There are 94 US District Courts. US District Courts deal with civil and criminal matters involving federal law. There are over 500 judges. The US Congress established the US District Courts.  Evidence is used in court to determine the decision.

 The US Courts of Appeals make decisions on cases involving civil and criminal laws based on the application of Federal laws. It also rules on appeals dealing with Federal administrative agencies. There are 13 US Courts of Appeals that employ 132 judges. Three judges vote on each case with majority vote to make the decision. The US Courts of Appeals have the ability to set legal precedents that effect later cases.

The Supreme Court of the US hears cases that involve constitutional law. The Supreme Court does not review all cases submitted to it, only the ones concerning constitutional issues. The US Supreme Court has one chief justice and 8 associate justices. The justices are nominated by the president and approved by the senate. The US Supreme Court decisions are set as national law that sets precedents for all other US courts, including state courts. States can’t create laws that contradict national laws.  


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