Imaginationland south park season 11 (reissued movie)

The movie (3  episodes reissused)  begins with the boys looking for a leprechaun because Cartman bet Kyle that if leprechauns exist Kyle would have to suck Cartman’s balls. They find a leprechaun and he warns them about a terrorist attack. Soon after, the boys meet a man that takes them on a balloon ride to Imaginationland. He sings the imagination song. The Imagination song is unimaginative. The lyrics are the word imagination repeated. In Imaginationland, there is a terrorist attack. During the suicide bombing, there is a Saving Private Ryan reference with the silence during the violence. The boys, except for Butters, escape back to the real world. Butters is forced to make a video for the terrorists. The United States Government watches the tape and turns to Hollywood for help stop the terrorists. They call in Michael Bay. He is no help because he does not know the difference between special effects and ideas. They call in Mel Gibson. He is crazy, but knows story structure. He tells them to reexamine the tape and look for something that doesn’t fit. Cartman takes Kyle to court because he is refusing to suck his balls when they had a deal.  The court sides with Cartman.

In Imaginationland, the terrorists destroy the wall that keeps the evil imaginary creatures separate from the innocent creatures. Butters tries to stop the terrorist by giving a heartfelt speech, diplomacy. It does not work.  The United States government contains Kyle and Stan because they know Butters. They help the government open the portal to Imaginationland. Cartman tracks down Kyle and breaks into the Pentagon because he is determined to make him suck his balls. Kyle and Cartman go into a conference room to settle their bet, but Cartman taunts Kyle too long. Cartman dresses like a king and the Pope for Stan to suck his balls.  The army calls them out before Kyle can suck his balls. Troops, lead by Kurt Russell, are sent in to fight the terrorists. The woodland creatures that Cartman made up rape them. Manbearpig comes out of the portal and kills people. The film footage is given to Al Gore, who makes in public. Al Gore wears a cap because he thinks he is a superhero. The Government wants to nuke imaginationland.  The media and the government debate whether or not killing imaginary things is right. Hippies protest nuclear weapons outside the Pentagon.

Butters is told by the good imaginary creatures that he is the key to defeating the evil imaginary creatures. Butters does not like hearing this. Butters uses his imagination to the good imaginary creatures. Kyle stops the government from nuking imaginationland in order to save Butters and Stan. Kyle tells them that it is difficult to know what is and isn’t real and imaginary things have more long lasting effects on people than real people. I love that people believe Jesus can’t be in imaginationland, but Buddha can. Western culture is predominantly Christian. Al Gore isn’t so convinced and tries to set off the bomb, but causes everyone and the bomb to get sucked into the portal. Imaginationland is nuked and everything is destroyed except Butters. He uses his imagination to return things to normal. Kyle is still refusing to suck Cartman’s balls. Cartman uses his imagination to create imaginary versions of him and Kyle. Imaginary Kyle sucks imaginary Cartman’s balls.

The terrorists attacking Imaginationland causing our imaginations to run wild is a social commentary on contemporary American society. Ever since the attacks on September 11th, Americans have been fearing the next terrorist attack. The fear of terrorisms has America imagining the worst. The rise of Islamphobia is a direct result of the terrorist attacks on September 11th. The controversy over the community center, also know as the ground zero mosque, and the Quran burning this past September are two examples of Americans being irrational because of terrorism. The current increase of security in airports is an example of our imaginations running wild because of terrorism. Travelers who wish to fly must experience an intrusive pat down to pass the security check. One terrorist hid a bomb in their underwear and now all passengers must have a pat down or full body scan, which are both an invasion of privacy.  As a country, we think up and fear the worst-case scenario. We go to extremes to try to prevent them, even though there is very small chance of them actually happening.


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