Lets stay in bed

Lets stay in bed. The sweat makes me stick to the bed. There is no more tears to keep me up all night, only broken promises. I always forget to change the battery in the flashlight. But still, why couldn’t you find me. How could you let him put his hands on me? How could you let him sink his teeth in me? Get his hands off me! Act like you did nothing wrong by doing nothing.  We can have a loveless house and the neighbors would talk. Way too many bad habits framed on our walls. You could blame all the sin on me. Homes are nothing more than places to eat and sleep. It will be easy. There are lies in my words and secret hotel rooms if you want them. Sign the papers. It’s your divorce day. Oh baby, please say yes! I place my mouth between your legs stealing all that’s good within you. You look better on your knee, with a million looks on your face. The looks of all your lovers before and after me.  Turn the stove top on. Let the house fill with gas and light a match. Don’t ask  for forgiveness. Just erase me and  all your other  mistakes.


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