Month: August 2013

Shaming Campaigns


This really upsets me. Shaming campaigns don’t ever solve the problem. It only makes people hate themselves. According to the candies foundation, its aim to stop teen pregnancy by informing teens that raising a child is difficult and life changing. There aim is to get teens to stop having sex and wait until they are older. Using fear and shame does not stop people from having sex. But lets pretend it does work and people are waiting until they are in their 20s to have sex. They would still get pregnant if they were never educated to prevent pregnancy. This psa is attacking teen girls and their right to develop healthy sexuality.

This psa ….

1. puts all the responsibility on the girl,

2. does not educate people on how to prevent pregnancy,

3. does not offer a place to get free birth control,

4. ignores  the hyper sexual culture we live in,

5. ignores women’s sexual agency

6. ignores fatherhood and men’s responsibility

7. ignores social inequalities, such as education and class, that lead to unwanted pregnancy.

8) Does not address pregnancies caused by raped.

Also, using a pop singer in her late 20s that sings about random hook ups to her teen girl fan base as the spokesperson for this campaign is ridiculous.