We are never ever ever getting back together…

I’m never going to date some one that makes me feel like I’m not important ever again. If you are telling some one that you love them, you should at least show them some respect. I can’t believe I stay with him for this long. But, I should probably thank him for breaking my heart because it taught me to respect myself and stand up for myself. I deserve much better than what I recently had and the reasons why I’m done with him will be red flags for the future.

1. He rarely answered my phone calls when he knew I only call when it’s important.

2. He would only tell me select things about himself and would act like I should be grateful that he is even talking me. It was rarely personal.

3. He would leave town for days without even saying a word to me about it.

4. He went days without talking to me texting me.

5. He couldn’t text me back for days, but was constantly talking to other girls on twitter.

6. He would ignore my phone calls when watching TV, but talked about what he was watching on twitter, so I would know he wasn’t busy, just ignoring me.

7. He would text me about being in a dangerous situation, but not give me any details then disappear for days, so I would worry.

8. Every time I would end the relationship he would tell me how much he loves me and that he would change, but didn’t.

9. I would ask him questions about himself and his life, like do you like this song? or how was work? And he would ignore it.

10. He never asked me about the things I care about.

11. Every time we hung out, he was ignoring me and busy on his phone. Then would be upset that I didn’t feel like having sex, after being ignored for hours.

12. He knew I’m insecure about my butt and thighs, but would talk about how he liked them because they are large. I explained that those comments make me feel fat and told him to stop. He didn’t.

13. He left me crying on my bedroom floor when I was upset because he dismissed my abuse history.

14. He left me when I was sick and had to have some one take me to the hospital.

15. He blew me off on the anniversary of a loved ones death because he had to watch the walking dead.

16. No matter how many times I told him how I felt or what I need, he refused to do it.

Basically, he never liked me but liked that I liked him. He was manipulative, apathetic, selfish, and uncaring. Most of all, he is dumb because he can’t understand why I don’t want him in my life any more. Its clear that he never cared, but he is going to play dumb and ask why I don’t want to see him any more? I’m not stupid. I can see that he only wants to play the victim so we will keep fighting and he’ll still be in control. Well, too bad for him. I’m going to give my time only to people that love and respect me. I can’t keep crying over people that would never shed a tear over me.


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