Month: January 2014

Announcement and list my social media

I’m done  with classes at Brooklyn College.  I will  be  official  graduated in June 2014 because i have wait  for them to  print and  mail the diploma.  But, Im  finished and ready  to  move  on. I’m  working on a  few different  projects that  I will  reveal  when they  are near completion. I’m in the process of making a   new photography  blog, so I decided to  list  all  my blogs and contacts. when contacting  me please let  me know  where i know you  from or else i  won’t  think  to  accept requests. Hope every one had a good holiday  and lets create and live from  a place  of love this year. 

Photography  (work in progress)


 work related email  address





 Good Reads (music)