Meaningless gibberish

This is meaningless. I have no meaning, don’t look for meaning in here. There is no need for alterness, nothing will be thrown at you except this nothingness. I’m abandoning my aspirations. Why have I decided to do this? You don’t expect me to answer that? At least, not yet. You’ll have to wait. Don’t let the antiticaption kill you. Okay, I’ll give you a little tid bit, NOT EVERY THING CAN BE EXPLAINED. Think about that as I smear my blood all over your face as punishment for getting us into this situation. Let us let this manifest itself, until some cosmic truth is revealed. This will cause destruction as often as possible, but always with compassion. How do these things happen? Our communication broke down causing us to jump to conclusions. Our assumptions cause colisions. I don’t know how we calculate these things. We are fools, interpreting experiences that mean nothing. It means nothing to no one at all. I appreciate your lack of interest in these meaningless states of low self-esteem Every thing spontaneously repeats over and over in this. THERE HAS TO BE AN EXPLAINATION FOR THIS. Maybe that’s only how things appear to be, reasonible. This could be so very important or so very unimportant. Is this really real or I’m just imagining it? Like a dream? Whether or not it is a dream is determined by how you interupt it since it may or may not be real? It is meaningless to try to explain subjectivity. It means nothing to objective men. It is meaningless.


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