To who I address (March 25, 2009)

I want to befriend and nurture. Veil your eyes and cover ears to shield from my evil sight and sound. Try to protect my body from your touch by childish tools so immature that they can’t even be imagined. Powerful hands reach me on multiple levels. You enter my thought, externally of course. Internally would be an annihilation of epic proportions. Intertwined under our uncomfortable gaze. Jerking back and forth, burning, sinking deeper until we form a single blur, an androgynous form of ecstasy that is unrecognizable. A temporary new language shared between us, our comprehension melts away in the mourning’s rising sun. Reality vanishes in your eclipse. Fully stripped to the bone, no embellishments, no tricks of the “real world”, nothing but what is making me invisible. Looking into my mirror with the blindness you have given me. Attempting self-reflection, try and try, search and search all the while having the ultimate distraction, you and my denial. You, my conquest are rigorously on my mind. Your heart is elusive and if that fact ever registers mine will never be calm. There would be an absence of purpose. The universe would dematerialize.


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