July 31, 2009 at 5:00pm
On the bus, I meet this guy named Robbie who has a twin named Bobby. I wrote this on my cellphone as text messages so forgive it for sucking.


Caroline was in the infirmary of the Elder Care Living Community when her doctor told her that she was pregnant. Caroline always wanted a child but never had any so she was somewhat pleased. But, Caroline was puzzled by this conception because reason would make this impossible. Being a logical woman, she decided that this pregnancy was a gift from God.

Caroline went into labor after only 4 months making the pregnancy even more peculiar. She gave birth to a boy. A boy she named Obby. Obby was very tiny, underweight and ugly child, who was taken away from Caroline so he could be feed and once he was healthy, he would be returned to her. A few weeks went by and Obby was beginning to get bigger. As he grew his nurse noticed a small growth on his back. She didn’t think much of it. He was health, but still ugly and slightly deformed. The nurse brought Obby back to Caroline’s room. Caroline was asleep, the nurse didn’t want to wake her. So, she left Obby in the crib that sat next to Caroline’s bed.

A few hours later, the nurse went to go check on Caroline and Obby. Much to her surprise, she found Caroline dead. She called in her supervisor to tell her to make arrangements for the remains. Obby was crying as if he understood what had happened to his mother. The nurse picked up Obby to comfort him and noticed that the growth has grown twice as large as it was a few hours. With Obby’s body resting on her chest, she could feel his heart beat. She then rubbed her hand across his back to calm him down. She notices something strange when her hand went over the growth. She could not make sense of at first. But, after awhile she knew what it was. It was another heartbeat.

She rushed him to the hospital where the doctors performed emergency surgery to remove the growth. Obby and his growth were under observation for the 4 months. Obby was perfectly healthy, but still repulsive looking. The growth was transforming rapidly. It went from a heart surrounded by a pound of flesh to a well-developed infant in a few short weeks. The doctors and scientists were bewildered by this case, which led to the growth child being referred to as B.

B and Obby began to grow at the same rate. A rate that was like nothing that any one has every seen. Both boys reach the age 20 within 5 years. Another 5 years went by, but neither boy aged at all. The boys received all the same opportunities and resources living in observation. But, B seemed better at every thing than Obby. B was intelligent and so was Obby, but Obby had to struggle with things and every thing came naturally to B. No longer being minors they decided to sign themselves out of the case study.

Living independently was a hard adjustment for Obby, but certainly not for B. B was working in a coffee shop and going to college to become a lawyer. Obby was staying at home drinking and hating himself because of his deformity. B would go out to bar every night and he would force Obby to come along. People would stare at Obby in fear and disgust. And people would stare at B with longing and lust. Obby would wake up every morning with a hang over and B would wake up with a different girl every morning. After 2 years of this routine and still not aging, B started to be embarrassed by his brother and Obby became envious of his brother. But, the routine continued.

Over the next year, these feelings of embarrassment and envy, slowly transformed into mutual compassion and desire. B began to bring women home less and Obby was sober more often. Then one night, the brothers made love. B’s heart was full of joy and Obby was ashamed. The following night, Obby went out and brought home a hooker to make him forget his feelings for his brother. B found Obby and the hooker in bed together and killed them in a jealous rage. B loved Obby and didn’t want to be without him so he ate his body. B then put the hookers body in a trash bag, drove out of state, through it in the lake and drove back home. B was exhausted so he went to bed.

B tossed and turned for hours. He couldn’t sleep. He went to the bathroom to take a shower, but when he past the mirror he stop because he could not believe his eyes. He was deformed and could not recognize his face. He stared for a while, and then began to feel his body. Lastly, he brushed his hand against his back and felt a small lump. He held his hand over it until he could feel it grow and then a heartbeat. B smiled warmly knowing that it was Obby.


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