Troian Bellisaro brings Romeo & Juliet back to life

Romeo & Juliet tragically die and never get their happily ever after. But, what if they lived? Would they have been so happy? What could be more tragic than death? Romeo & Juliet are iconic lovers, but was it true love or a naive lust that fades away? Troian Bellisaro has a theory.

Troian Bellisaro wrote a short film, Exiles, to explore what could have been if their forbidden romance didn’t end in a deadly kiss. The Pretty Little Liars star (Troian Bellisaro plays Spencer Hasting) is no stranger to playing an emotive and complex character plagued by secrets, tragic relationships, and regrets. Bellisaro has shown her range as an artist by writing Exiles, and by staring in WIG’s Lauren. Her film has been shown in Marfa Film Festival and San Diego Film Festival. She definitely is a woman of substance and a starlet to watch.

See Exiles here



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