Bundy is only on tv to make political dissent look foolish

Militant conservatives like Cliven Bundy are tolerated by our government because they are white conservatives that the government know are too dumb and too few to be a real political threat.

They don’t have the numbers, ability to organize, or the facts to support their demands. Unlike people of color, gays, disable, transgender, women, the poor and other groups that are for equality & social change that threaten the current political structure.

When liberal groups like Occupy Wall Street organize & bring up issues about economic justice they are labeled as criminals for occupying a space. They’re attacked by police, and the violence is blamed on the peaceful protesters.

Militant white conservatives groups often protest with arms and every one thinks this okay because of our 2nd amendment rights.

But where were those rights when the Black Panthers were armed in the streets? Why was CONTELPRO necessary for Black Panthers, but not for modern white militant groups? Why did Hover call the Black Panthers the greatest threat to internal security? We don’t live in a post-racial world now. We definitely didn’t in the 60’s.

People are not scared of white men with guns because it’s folksy and Americana. But black men with guns are threatening and dangerous.

The government loves these white conservative militant groups because they know most media will show these people as stupid insane dissenters. That media depiction of dissent as foolish and insane is a tool to prevent political dissent. The media teaches people that if you disagree with the government you are a fool. That’s why the news focused on naked hippie girls at OWS and instead of the fact that we were providing food and health care services to over 5,000 people a day for free. Dissent does not seem crazy when you talk about the real issues.

But our media teaches us that we need to fight the desire to fight for our heart and our every belief. They teach us that we can’t undermind the greed and power which the system depends. Dissent isn’t insane or foolish, but believing that is.


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