Month: June 2014

Books, films & music of spring 2014

Here is a list of books, films & music that I’ve personally been enjoying over the last 3 months.


Some Velvet Morning by Neil LaBute
Are Prison Obsolete? By Angela Davis
The Prince by Machiavelli
No one belongs here more than you by Miranda July
The Subterraneans by Kerouac
Feeding Back: Conversations with Alternative Guitarists from Proto-Punk to Post-Rock by David Todd
The Coral Sea by Patti Smith

The Grand Budapest Hotel
The lovers
Love on the run
Only Lovers Left Alive
Un Femme Marlee
A Nos Amours
Le Jour Se Leve
Stranger Than Fiction
Diary of a Chamber Maid
Vivre Sa Vie

Bands/ Musical Artists
David Lynch
Sleep Party People
Lucy Hale
The Hold Steady


Corner Store Cocks

I’m walking down my street
the lords of Flatbush see me
in my sun dress cause it 90 degrees
trying to buy a drink & papers
all i want is to roll some trees
corner stores boys cat call me
they whistle at me like I ‘m a dog
so I guess I’m suppose to let em’
hit this shit raw mother fucker
ass & tits giggling out my dress
pretty young thing oozing sexuality
so maybe I invited all this hostility
But I never asked any one to look at me
My block boys call me snow flake
grab my ass & tell me for a white girl
I got cake & they wanna cum on my face
I laugh & smile as if to say its okay
cause I could scream & shout all day
but egos & erections won’t let them
hear a single fucking word I say
No point in starting a convo
with chumps that can’t hold one
I grab my mystic & ask for papers
cut in front of the crowd
throw my bills on the counter
tell him to keep the change
ignoring the hand on my waist
throwing white privilege all over the place
just to get the thirsty boys outta my face
I’m a feminist like Emma Goldman
But if she was blind, deaf & dumb
Ignore the glares & act unfazed
Get home, roll joints, bumping KRS ONE
My mind is right & my body is tight
but I guess I’m only good for one night
Not gonna lie, some times I like that attention
But its my life’s mission to avoid the men
that makes you consent out of self-defense
that wants unlimited oral, vaginal, & anal penetration
These boys talk a lot of shit but sex aint sex
if you need to conquer some one
or you feel entitled to fuck whoever you want
I aint saying all men are like this cause
I know they can make emotional investments
and woman can be casual when there’s mutual respect
If these boys would treat me like a person
they would have a pretty good shot
but they too busy thinking with their cocks.
Wondering why men can’t take me out to eat
before trying to get me out my jeans
But gotta stop trying to figure this shit out
I could do this all day & only be left with stems & seeds
I guess my mama was always right
the good men are harder to find

Get Money Out Of Politics One State at a Time

Get money out  of  politics by  getting NYS  to  vote yes on s 65-59, which would get Congress to pass an amendment to over turn Citizen’s United.

In another state? You  need to  write to your representatives because an amendment needs 38 states to be approved. Vermont is the first state to do  so, and  we need 37 more.  Find out who  they are and ask  them to proposal  a bill  to  get money out  of politics. If you need help or more information go to


For New York State: 

Please send a hand written letter of support to the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman John Bonacic urging him to vote YES on S 65-59 and make sure it gets a hearing!  Tell him you want New York to be a leader in the fight to restore Free and Fair Elections in America. 

Letter of Support Instructions


Senator John Bonacic 
188 State St. Room 509 Legislative Office Building
Albany, NY 12247

Read S 65-59


  • State clearly that you, as a citizen of New York, would like him to vote yes on S 65-59 and make sure it gets a hearing. 
  • Address it to the attention of: Senator John Bonacic 
  • Feel free to share your personal story of how money in politics affects your life. It does not have to be loaded with facts and statistics. The most heartfelt letters are sometimes the best.
  • If you would like some inspiration, you can refer to our Talking Points page, but do try to paraphrase the ideas so that every letter is individualized.*
  • Writing it by hand is preferred, but if you can’t then typed is okay too. 
  • Include your name, address, phone number.

*If you aren’t sure of what to write, a letter that only says “Please vote yes on S 65-59 is SO MUCH better than nothing.