About me

I’m Kristie Brigandi. I’m a writer, painter,  photographer,  film maker, performing artist, media critic, activist and  most  importantly a   thinker. I’m interested in media and society, focusing  mostly  on sexuality, gender, relationships, identity, politics and  satire.

Brief background

  • New Yorker. Grew up  in syracuse and  moved to Brooklyn in  2009 and moved back to syracuse 2014.
  • Dance  class from  age 2  to  16.
  • Music lessons:  Piano for  6  years & Guitar for  2 years
  • Wrote a zine, Marvelous Things for 4 years. Sadly,  only  16 issues.
  • Food Not Bombs, Syracuse 2005 to 2008
  • Onondaga Community  College Drama  club 2009
  • Occupy  Wall  Street 2011. worked in kitchen, library, comfort and  media
  • Freelance  journalist 2010 to present
  • Brooklyn College Newspaper,  The Excelsior 2010 to 2012
  • Trained in pro tools,  Adobe photoshop and final  cut ( versions 5, 7, 10)
  • A.A. in Humanities from Onondaga Community  College, focus on English (literature & writing) and  Art (history and  photography).
  • Best short film nomination in faculty selects fest at Brooklyn college 2013
  • BA in TV& Radio with minor  in sociology from Brooklyn College.

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