Walking Dead Comics.

I’ve started collecting the walking dead comic books (single issues). I have issues 1-96 in the Compendiums, but Im looking for issues 97-99, 101-109, 111-112, 114, 118- 123.

Please let me know in the comments good websites to buy these comics. I’m trying to find them in my town, but not having much luck, and would rather not use amazon or ebay.

Or if any one hears about these being reprinted, let me know as well.




Troian Bellisaro brings Romeo & Juliet back to life

Romeo & Juliet tragically die and never get their happily ever after. But, what if they lived? Would they have been so happy? What could be more tragic than death? Romeo & Juliet are iconic lovers, but was it true love or a naive lust that fades away? Troian Bellisaro has a theory.

Troian Bellisaro wrote a short film, Exiles, to explore what could have been if their forbidden romance didn’t end in a deadly kiss. The Pretty Little Liars star (Troian Bellisaro plays Spencer Hasting) is no stranger to playing an emotive and complex character plagued by secrets, tragic relationships, and regrets. Bellisaro has shown her range as an artist by writing Exiles, and by staring in WIG’s Lauren. Her film has been shown in Marfa Film Festival and San Diego Film Festival. She definitely is a woman of substance and a starlet to watch.

See Exiles here http://vimeo.com/49089299


Sugar Free

My short film was nominated for best film in the Brooklyn College Television and Radio Department in the 2013 Faculty Selects Film Festival. Once a year Television and Radio Department’s Production Faculty select the best short fiction and non fiction films. In 2013, 13 films were selected from the pool of 145.


Imaginationland south park season 11 (reissued movie)

The movie (3  episodes reissused)  begins with the boys looking for a leprechaun because Cartman bet Kyle that if leprechauns exist Kyle would have to suck Cartman’s balls. They find a leprechaun and he warns them about a terrorist attack. Soon after, the boys meet a man that takes them on a balloon ride to Imaginationland. He sings the imagination song. The Imagination song is unimaginative. The lyrics are the word imagination repeated. In Imaginationland, there is a terrorist attack. During the suicide bombing, there is a Saving Private Ryan reference with the silence during the violence. The boys, except for Butters, escape back to the real world. Butters is forced to make a video for the terrorists. The United States Government watches the tape and turns to Hollywood for help stop the terrorists. They call in Michael Bay. He is no help because he does not know the difference between special effects and ideas. They call in Mel Gibson. He is crazy, but knows story structure. He tells them to reexamine the tape and look for something that doesn’t fit. Cartman takes Kyle to court because he is refusing to suck his balls when they had a deal.  The court sides with Cartman.

In Imaginationland, the terrorists destroy the wall that keeps the evil imaginary creatures separate from the innocent creatures. Butters tries to stop the terrorist by giving a heartfelt speech, diplomacy. It does not work.  The United States government contains Kyle and Stan because they know Butters. They help the government open the portal to Imaginationland. Cartman tracks down Kyle and breaks into the Pentagon because he is determined to make him suck his balls. Kyle and Cartman go into a conference room to settle their bet, but Cartman taunts Kyle too long. Cartman dresses like a king and the Pope for Stan to suck his balls.  The army calls them out before Kyle can suck his balls. Troops, lead by Kurt Russell, are sent in to fight the terrorists. The woodland creatures that Cartman made up rape them. Manbearpig comes out of the portal and kills people. The film footage is given to Al Gore, who makes in public. Al Gore wears a cap because he thinks he is a superhero. The Government wants to nuke imaginationland.  The media and the government debate whether or not killing imaginary things is right. Hippies protest nuclear weapons outside the Pentagon.

Butters is told by the good imaginary creatures that he is the key to defeating the evil imaginary creatures. Butters does not like hearing this. Butters uses his imagination to the good imaginary creatures. Kyle stops the government from nuking imaginationland in order to save Butters and Stan. Kyle tells them that it is difficult to know what is and isn’t real and imaginary things have more long lasting effects on people than real people. I love that people believe Jesus can’t be in imaginationland, but Buddha can. Western culture is predominantly Christian. Al Gore isn’t so convinced and tries to set off the bomb, but causes everyone and the bomb to get sucked into the portal. Imaginationland is nuked and everything is destroyed except Butters. He uses his imagination to return things to normal. Kyle is still refusing to suck Cartman’s balls. Cartman uses his imagination to create imaginary versions of him and Kyle. Imaginary Kyle sucks imaginary Cartman’s balls.

The terrorists attacking Imaginationland causing our imaginations to run wild is a social commentary on contemporary American society. Ever since the attacks on September 11th, Americans have been fearing the next terrorist attack. The fear of terrorisms has America imagining the worst. The rise of Islamphobia is a direct result of the terrorist attacks on September 11th. The controversy over the community center, also know as the ground zero mosque, and the Quran burning this past September are two examples of Americans being irrational because of terrorism. The current increase of security in airports is an example of our imaginations running wild because of terrorism. Travelers who wish to fly must experience an intrusive pat down to pass the security check. One terrorist hid a bomb in their underwear and now all passengers must have a pat down or full body scan, which are both an invasion of privacy.  As a country, we think up and fear the worst-case scenario. We go to extremes to try to prevent them, even though there is very small chance of them actually happening.

lesbian existence

Unless you are watching logo, lesbians are shown from the heterosexual male perspective as something to be used to turn on men.

This creates a false perception that women perform lesbianism for approval of men or as male entertainment and it silences the voices of legitimate lesbian existence. Katy Perry’s single, “I kissed a girl” was a hit because it fits into the male dominated culture. The idea of straight girls kissing is sexy, especially if men can watch or participate, but lesbian relationships are abnormal. In the 90s, Jill Sobule‘s song, “I kissed a girl” was also about experimenting with your sexuality. Sobule’s song was from the female perspective and explores female relationships in a less hyper sexualized way and more honest way. It is more emotional than sexual.

The music videos send out different messages as well. The Katy Perry’s video is all about sex appeal. Jill Sobule ‘s video is a satire of ideal heterosexual relationships, masculinity, femininity and asks the question, where does lesbian existence fit within this model of relationships and roles?

Marilyn Manson’s sexuality

Marilyn Manson celebrates the performance of sexual deviance, which rejects dominant ideals of heteronormativity and gender binaries, and is accepted and demonized by critics.  Rock critics that lean more liberal and accept the rock star life style, such as Rolling Stone Magazine, are fans of Manson. But, more conservative critics, such as fox news and religious groups, fear that he has a negative effect on society.  Controversial aspects of Marilyn Manson’s public image include satanic worship, BDSM, bisexuality, dressing in drag, drug use, group sex, and androgyny and self-harm. He uses the mostly sexual imagery during live performances and makes erotic fetish music videos in order to express his sexuality.

Marilyn Manson is the front man of the American rock band Marilyn Manson, beginning in 1989 to the present. He was most popular in the music scene from mid 90s to early 2000’s. He is a controversial figure because of his anti-religion lyrics and unfiltered sexuality. Many critics refer to his live performance and music videos as obscene and offense. This is the one of the reasons that he appeals to his audience. He encourages people to be themselves, regardless of how others feel. Thinking for you and expressing yourself is an inspiration for Manson.

Marilyn Manson is a conceptual performance artist that states that his intent is to “make a mockery of gimmicks, to make something that was faker than everything that was fake” (Heath 1). The sexual and religious imagery is a satirical performance and personal life choice that intends to make the audience question their personal beliefs and how those beliefs are formed. He is a criticized for encouraging kids to engage in drugs, sex, self-harm and suicide. Manson openly engages in drug use and has called drugs an “amusement park for adults” (Heath 9). He started cutting himself in high school and often cuts during in his performances to show people his pain. This is then sexualized and fetishized by his audience. Marilyn Manson challenges gender binary by dressing in drag or androgynous clothing and wearing make up.  “I wear make up like a girl wears make up. I always have make up” (Scaggs 2). Marilyn Manson wears his androgynous clothing and make up for photo-shoots for music magazines, such as Rolling Stone Magazine. Being on the cover the most popular music magazine help Manson create an image of androgynous sex deviant. This publicity gave him new fans and critics to celebrate and demonize his nonheteronormative sexuality.  A controversial music video only increased his deviant sexual image.

In 2003, Manson produced his music video for his song (S)aintThe video has been label art, obscene, erotic, pornographic, and disturbing because of the sexuality, drug use and self-harm. In the video, he uses cocaine and heroin, and cuts himself. The bloody nose and agitated movements after the effects of the drugs are gone is a comment on the after effect of extreme drug use that comes with being a wealthy sex symbol. He cuts himself in an aggressive sexual way and plays with his blood to show that he is fetishizing the pain, which is part of BDSM. There are a few BDSM uses of imagery, along with other deviant sexual acts. Women are bound and gag waiting for him to come have sex with them, which celebrates BDSM acts.  There is group sex with men and women, which rejects dominant Christian values about sex being between one man and one woman.  The group sex includes homosexual acts that are usually not depicted in music videos.  Queer sexualities are normally ignored in pop culture. Manson has one character in the video that starts off as a woman and turns out to really be a man. This transition starts with Manson touching himself while touching a female actress.  Later on, the actress is replaced with a male actor in drag playing the same character. Manson sees the switch happen and realizes that it is a man, but does not stop touching the man or himself. This is a comment that in his alternative sexuality the gender of the person isn’t important to sexual pleasure. The source of sexual pleasure isn’t from person; it’s from the act itself.  Manson’s sexual imagery attempts to normalize fetishes by giving the viewer permission to desire “the other.”  His queer and alternative sexuality has received attention from critics.

Marilyn Manson has become a symbol for moral decay of society. He has been blamed for school shootings, such as Columbine, because his lyrics celebrate suicide, death, and destruction.  National Review, a conservative magazine that comments on American society, refers to Manson as   a “derange Satanist” (Lowry 1). Conservative critics believe that Marilyn Manson commits obscene acts during live performances because of the lyrical content of his songs and appearance.  During his live performance, he does rips apart the bible and wears make up and women’s lingerie. This imagery rejects the dominance of Christianity in American society and celebrates alternative sexualities. Some nonfactual beliefs about him are “that the band hands out drugs to be consumed and puppies to be ripped apart at concerts, that Manson had a rib removed to facilitate autofellation and that he had sex with a sheep onstage” (Heath 1). One media company that reports on nonheteronormative stories and nonconformists with a disapproving bias is Fox News.

In 2001, Marilyn Manson appeared on The O’Reilly Factor on a segment called Children At Risk. O’Reilly factor accuses him of harming children by influencing them to perform morally “bad” behavior. He gives Manson the opportunity to explain himself, but in the end they agree to disagree. Rejecting gender binaries and embracing alternative forms of sexuality are labeled morally bad and wrong because it goes against the Christian beliefs that Fox and their audience follow.  These beliefs and repetition of them   promotes heterosexuality and gender conformity as the only form of morally right sexual performances.   O’Reilly asks Manson about the profanity, suicidal messages and Satanist references in his music and implies that children are going to start to model this behavior. O’Reilly refers to Manson’s public image as “bizarre.” They discuss if he encourages children to have sex and gay sex. O’Reilly believes that if his audience see him performing gay sex acts, they will go out and do them too. O’Reilly implies that homosexuality is wrong when he asks about the act Manson performed on stage.  Marilyn Manson states that he is only presenting alternative ideas to make people question their own, but doesn’t force any lifestyle on any one.  O’Reilly sticks with his narrative of alternative sexualities and lifestyles are morally bad through out the entire interview, which promotes heteronormativity as the only acceptable behavior.

Marilyn Manson isn’t as scary or kinky as his image would portray according to ex-girlfriends. His image as the man to fear has decreased over the years as details of his personal life have surfaced. Manson is a romantic in his personal life. He wrote his album, Eat Me, Drink Me, to seduce his girlfriend at the time, Evan Rachel Wood.  Jenna Jameson states in her book, How To Make Love Like a Porn Star, “I couldn’t believe how intelligent and thoughtful he was. I had a preconceived notion that the sex would be crazy, but he was so tender and loving.” (Jameson).

Marilyn Manson’s deviant sexuality and popular success in the 90’s presented an alternative script to mainstream America. His performance of sexuality rejected the dominant Christian morality judgments surrounding physical appearance based on gender, BDSM, group sex, and homosexuality. Manson’s hyperbolic performance of deviant sexuality questions heteronormativity and gender binaries and makes queer and alternative sexualities more visible.

Mad Men and desire for “the other”

The idea of giving up pleasure in order to be successful reminded me of the AMC show mad men. No matter how hard they work or how much money they make, the majority of the characters are unhappy. They use sex, smoking and drinking to try to obtain happiness and experience pleasure. In the second season, Paul is seeking out pleasure in the other and trying to prove that he is progressive by dating a black woman. Joan, a coworker and ex-girlfriend, calls him out on it. The show is set in the 1960’s, but I think the argument is still valid. Are you dating the other for romantic reasons or are you with them only because they are the other?

Lane Pryce is another character that falls in love with a young black woman. Lane is a junior partner and main financial officer of the ad agency. His work ethic has caused strain on his marriage and led to him seeking pleasure in the other. His irresponsibility towards his family and relationship with the other has caused his father to react with hostility and racism.

Films about sexuality and gender

Muntantes: Punk Porn Feminism
This documentary maps the evolution of the “post-porn” movement, featuring interviews with pioneers like Annie Sprinkle, Carol Queen and Lydia Lunch.


After Porn Ends
This documentary explores the careers of some of porn’s top stars and examines their adjustment to “normal” society after leaving adult entertainment.


Adult Entertainment: Disrobing an American Idol
In this documentary, nude dancers, porn stars, strip club owners and experts reflect on the positive and negative effects that the adult entertainment industry has on everyday people and society at large.


Indie Sex

The four part documentary explores sexuality as it is presented and received in films and throughout film history. The movie looks at how film and policy makers have attempted to censor and free sexual images, whether it be through regulations or exploring topics such as teen sex, sexual taboos, or pushing material to sexual extremes

Anatomy of Hell


French director Catherine Breillat explores female sexuality and men’s darkest fears about women’s sexual power in this startlingly explicit and clinical film. The story centers on a woman (Amira Casar) who pays a gay man (Rocco Siffredi) to accompany her home and watch her most private activities for four days. He accepts her solicitation and is initially turned off, but eventually the two develop an intimate relationship.


Fat girl


Twelve-year-old Anaïs is fat. Her sister, fifteen-year-old Elena, is a beauty. While the girls are on vacation with their parents, Anaïs tags along as Elena explores the dreary seaside town. Elena meets Fernando, an Italian law student; he seduces her with promises of love, and the ever watchful Anaïs bears witness to the corruption of her sister’s innocence.




IRREVERSIBLE’s disturbing look at fate and destiny pushes the envelope of human emotions and takes filmmaking to another level. WARNING: Contains graphic sex and violence. For mature audiences only.


After sex
What do we talk about when sex is over? Meet eight couples. straight and gay; virgins and strangers; lovers, liars, cheaters and swingers  as they deal with the pleasure, anger, confusion, regret, laughter and other sensations that make physical intimacy an emotional ride. Featuring Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, Marc Blucas, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Taryn Manning, Keir ODonnell, Tanc Sade, John Witherspoon and Jane Seymour lead an arousing cast in this provocative comedy/drama about everything that can happen before the morning and AFTER SEX.


The story of Harvey Milk, and his struggles as an American gay activist who fought for gay rights and became California’s first openly gay elected official.

The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love 

An adventurous love story between two young women of different social and economic backgrounds who find themselves going through all the typical struggles of a new romance.
But, Im a cheerleader
A naive teenager is sent to rehab camp when her straitlaced parents and friends suspect her of being a lesbian.
All over me
Claude and Ellen are best friends who live in a not-so-nice area of New York. They’re involved in the subculture of 90s youth, complete with drugs, live music, and homophobia. 

Nerdy-ness as black masculinity part 4

Carlton stands up for his form of black masculinity when he is not black enough for a fraternity. He makes the point that no matter what his lifestyle, fashion, or music taste he is still black and the world will always see him as a black man. Carlton refuses to conform to the hyper sexual, aggressive, angry black male gender stereotype that is produced in pop culture.