He held my hand

He held my hand

With four fingers across my palm

As a sign of love

But to my great misfortune

I was unable to grasp


Seasonal Poems



Desperately hanging on tightly
Anticipating the long fall
Let go of fear and hesitation.

Listen to the breeze sing
Songs of freedom of hope
Snatching you by the hand
Engaged in a graceful waltz
Gliding slowly down
Letting every color show.

Death bed is approaching
Breeze tucks you into your resting place
The way the season intended.


Snow Day

I woke up late
Surprised by the time on the clock
I peeked out the window
Amount of snow was quite a shock
Rushed to the tv
My school was closed I was happy to see
Went to the closet
Mom had my coat and snow pants ready for me
Ran out the door
Cold wind nipped my soft face
Danced around
All day at my little girl pace


Spring Crush

Play with your hair
Pretend not to care
Don’t let him see
you’re weak in the knees
You giggle all day
your smile gives it away
You’ve lost your cool
You’re acting a fool
Your face blushes
Stupid crushes


Best Summer

Summer in the basement
Avoiding the hot pavement
Put my favorite album on
Sing along to every song
Sit in front of the fan
Feels so good on my tan
All my friend are here
There is plenty of beer
Drinking quite a bit
Everyone is laughing & talking shit
Take a drag of a cigarette
This is the greatest summer yet