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Get Money Out Of Politics One State at a Time

Get money out  of  politics by  getting NYS  to  vote yes on s 65-59, which would get Congress to pass an amendment to over turn Citizen’s United.

In another state? You  need to  write to your representatives because an amendment needs 38 states to be approved. Vermont is the first state to do  so, and  we need 37 more.  Find out who  they are and ask  them to proposal  a bill  to  get money out  of politics. If you need help or more information go to


For New York State: 

Please send a hand written letter of support to the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman John Bonacic urging him to vote YES on S 65-59 and make sure it gets a hearing!  Tell him you want New York to be a leader in the fight to restore Free and Fair Elections in America. 

Letter of Support Instructions


Senator John Bonacic 
188 State St. Room 509 Legislative Office Building
Albany, NY 12247

Read S 65-59


  • State clearly that you, as a citizen of New York, would like him to vote yes on S 65-59 and make sure it gets a hearing. 
  • Address it to the attention of: Senator John Bonacic 
  • Feel free to share your personal story of how money in politics affects your life. It does not have to be loaded with facts and statistics. The most heartfelt letters are sometimes the best.
  • If you would like some inspiration, you can refer to our Talking Points page, but do try to paraphrase the ideas so that every letter is individualized.*
  • Writing it by hand is preferred, but if you can’t then typed is okay too. 
  • Include your name, address, phone number.

*If you aren’t sure of what to write, a letter that only says “Please vote yes on S 65-59 is SO MUCH better than nothing.


Troian Bellisaro brings Romeo & Juliet back to life

Romeo & Juliet tragically die and never get their happily ever after. But, what if they lived? Would they have been so happy? What could be more tragic than death? Romeo & Juliet are iconic lovers, but was it true love or a naive lust that fades away? Troian Bellisaro has a theory.

Troian Bellisaro wrote a short film, Exiles, to explore what could have been if their forbidden romance didn’t end in a deadly kiss. The Pretty Little Liars star (Troian Bellisaro plays Spencer Hasting) is no stranger to playing an emotive and complex character plagued by secrets, tragic relationships, and regrets. Bellisaro has shown her range as an artist by writing Exiles, and by staring in WIG’s Lauren. Her film has been shown in Marfa Film Festival and San Diego Film Festival. She definitely is a woman of substance and a starlet to watch.

See Exiles here


support real journalism and moderate progressive narratives

The silent majority needs 2 become the vocal majority & moderate Americans need to put logic & reason back into media narratives #IAmTYT

The Young  Turks are  in between studios right now and need more funding.
Please donate so real journalist can have a studio and average Americans have a voice in the media.

You  can watch  TYT on their youtube channel.

It is important  to note that  The Young Turks is a network that  supports about 25 other youtube  channels. If they can’t get  a studio, 25 channels will  suffer and  many  people will  be out  of work. Worst  of all,  the discourse in the youtube community will  lose important and diverse ideas and  opinions.  

If  you  watch  independent youtube channels, please don’t click on skip ad. They  only receive money  from the corporation that  advertise  on their  channels  when you  watch  the full ads. If you  want a  channel to continue  making content you should watch the ads because making content is much  more expensive than most  people think. 

As an artist  and journalist, I know that The Young  Turks will be  grateful for every dollar they  receive because its a way  to show that  you  think  what  they  do is important. If  you can’t give any thing,  you  should support them  by watching and  liking their videos. It really is that  simple to support their work  and, as people, to make  them feel valued.